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Last February I had the honor of spending six days following a man as he and his family prepared for his surrender in prison after pleading guilty to a criminal offense. It was a very intense experience that touched me far deeper than I had dreamt. Continue reading »

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New Year Wishes – Impromptu Project

wishes_2016_mainOne of the most valuable lessons I’ve gotten from Natan Dvir, at one of his lectures was that often, projects will find you, rather than the other way around.

Two projects that I’m currently working on found me by chance, when I “saw” them, and realized that one is very close to my heart and convictions, and the other, while no less closer to my heart, has been touching my life almost daily for the past five years. Continue reading »

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Coke vs. Pepsi vs. Art

Pepsi vs. Coke vs. Art vs. Photography

The great debate still rages. Far less important than East against West (or West against East, depending on who you are, or where), but it’s one of those things that, while incredibly irrelevant, are immensely important at the same time.

“And what does it have to do with art?” you’d ask.

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Inbreeding, Cross-pollination, and Plain Ugly

pt_cruiserI’m not in the market for a new camera, but with the few newsletters I get from vendors and other photography sources, it’s impossible not to learn about new cameras as they’re being released. It’s also impossible not to notice certain trends. Continue reading »

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Prime Lenses

Prime Lens PhotographyI grew up using prime lenses. Zooms, back then, were in the Tele region of the focal length spectrum, and it wasn’t until the early 80’s that wide zooms appeared in the scene. Continue reading »

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Social Engine Marketing for Engaging Networks (S.E.M.E.N.)

seo-feat-imgIt seems impossible, these days, to go anywhere online and not end-up reading about Search Engine Optimization. SEO and Digital Marketing are en-route to become the poster children of this decade’s neo-industrialism.

What irks me about this brand-new industry, however, is that those involved are starting to sound, and to some degree, behave like cars salespeople.

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The Art of Photography as Art

Photography, by itself, depending on who takes the photograph or photographs, is either all art or half art and half science. Its scientific component may be more or less present (or even absent altogether), depending on who’s behind the camera. Continue reading »

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Dumb Questions Part II – Size matters (or how many megapixels?)

sensor-400I’ll start by saying (again) that there are no dumb questions (see the first article of the series for more on this).

Your camera’s sensor is the equivalent of the film you’d use in an analog camera (or any camera made before 1990 in all certainty). The quality of the sensor (and that of the lens – more on that soon) directly impacts the quality of your photos.

Pixel count is the first specification people tend to look at, overlooking another that’s far more important: sensor size. In the case of sensors, like the title says, size does matter. Continue reading »

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Dad’s Drawers

Dad's Dentures(Click aquí para leer en Español)
I never thought much of death. We all die. My sister died a young woman, when I was 17, and my mother when I was in my late 30’s. Both were deeply painful losses to me, becoming even more painful with the passing of time. But other than a very intimate feeling of bereavement and missing, and a continuous presence, as scars in my soul, if you will, I never really delved into it. And then, on March 1st, I was awakened to the news of my father passing in his sleep, probably right before dawn, 2200 miles away.
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Dumb Questions – What Camera Do You Use?


The title of this series of articles is quite deliberate, however, I must clarify that I believe that the only dumb questions are the ones that people don’t ask. The dumbest thing that you can ever do with a question is not to ask it. I ask lots of questions whenever I can. Given the chance, I will ask any question that comes to mind, and so should you. Continue reading »

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