Slowly coming back go life

zombie-400.jpgLooks like tonight’s the night when I’m finally going to stay up until morning to get the site back up. When I decided to take it down, maybe on February 27 or 28, little did I know that my father would die on the morning of March 1. I had to up and leave for Venezuela with almost no time to prepare, only to return about four weeks later to countless loose ends and fires to put out. The web site would have to wait a bit longer. Perhaps I should’ve posted this note six weeks ago, but, to be honest, as much as I’m committed to my photography, it was one of those things that would have to wait.

I’ve been back home for some weeks now. Some of the fires are still raging and some of the ends are still loose, but I’m getting to it all little by little, although I must say that I don’t recall ever being so tired and tired so constantly as these days. There hasn’t been a day since my return when I didn’t want to go to bed early in the afternoon and close my eyes and shut the world out. Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to put the world on hold.

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