To ‘splain or not to ‘splain?

lucy-ricky-400.jpgThe only people I’ve ever shown my pictures to are my wife, a few friends, and then, just like that, without anesthesia, to some 50 unknown fellow photographers and four critics, back in October in B and H’s Event Space.

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The Golden Spiral

golden-spiral-white-bg-400.jpgThe can-of-worm-iness of composition rules is, well, uncanny. As soon as I was satisfied with what I had learned about the rule-of-thirds (and the golden ratio), I found another three schemes, which didn’t do me a whole lot of good, because, having an engineering mind, it’s hard not to succumb to taking a formulaic approach to my art. Really hard.

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Triangles, triangles, triangles everywhere!

triang_archie-400.jpg(If you’re not familiar with the Golden Spiral or Golden Ratio, I suggest that you read my previous article before reading this one.)

If you believe that love triangles are complicated, just try looking for composition techniques based on triangles. Took me about 6 hours just to get the terminology right. Continue reading »

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Rules of thumb

dirty_thumb-400.jpgThere’s a mathematical principle, dating back to the Greek that governs what is widely accepted as good composition. It’s the golden ratio. (According to lore – as I can’t find anything authoritative about it – the rule of thirds is a simplification of this).

A few weeks ago I attended a lecture about composition by David Brommer. It was one of the best presentations I’ve ever attended. During the questions segment of the event, and considering that David’s had the opportunity to play with far more cameras than anyone I know, I asked him about the rule-of-thirds grid on my camera’s viewfinder.

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